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“Our goal is to deliver to the customer a Lancia Delta Integrale/Evoluzione in good condition and ready to be enjoyed while minimizing the failures that may typically arise in a classic car.”

This product is intended for customers who are looking for a Lancia Integrale and want to keep it as a classic car.
We undertake a thorough mechanical overhauling and change a great number of parts and components, such as timing belts and parts, engine and transmission oils, suspension system, brakes, etc., together with a general check of the upholstery and the vehicle interiors, and even perform a new paint work if agreed upon with the customer: this step involves dismounting and mounting everything which is necessary to obtain best results.
We can also change the car’s behaviour to upgrade chassis, braking and engine performance and deliver a sportier vehicle or even transform it into a racing car that has little or nothing in common with the original.
Finally, we put the car on our dynamometer to obtain and register real engine performance data.
Printouts of these accurate figures are handed out to the customer as evidence of the good engine’s condition.

Cars for sale

Lancia Delta HF integrale Evo Rallye

Lancia Delta Integrale Evo Rallye Street Legal

Examples of sold cars

Evo Green Derby

Evo Red

Green York

Integrale 8v competition

Blue Lagos

Dealers Collection

Evo White

Evo Giallo Ferrari


Dealers Collection

Evo 1 Verde York

Evo 2

Martini 6

Martini 5

Evo 1

Evo 1 Rosso Winner

Integrale 8v

Evo 1 Rosso Monza

Martini 6

Integrale 16v Rally

Evo 1 Rally Street legal

Evo 1 Blu Madras

Evo 2 Rosso Monza

Evo 1 Verde York

Verde Derby

Evo 1 Rosso Monza

Evo 2 Bianco

Evo 1 Rosso Monza

Verde York

Delta Integrale 16v