Croniqué Esport is a company located in Cardedeu (Barcelona) that arose from the passion that the brothers Marc and Eloi Masip developed for cars, especially for the Lancia Delta Integrale.

Their fervor for the world of motorsports goes back to their early childhood; with only 12 years of age they repaired a Seat 600 initially destined for scrapping they received as a gift from their aunt and uncle. They drove the 600 in an enclosure, enjoying and learning at a time and beginning to develop that creative side that would bolster the commitment to their work years later.

This was an unforgettable experience that has positively marked them for their entire lives.

With much effort and hard work, they managed to prepare their first Lancia Delta Integrale racing car in 1995, a car they drove at many events of the Catalonian Rally Championship on tarmac, always with the invaluable support of their friends.

Over the years, they would devote their careers to restoring, repairing and selling such an iconic model, this effort awarded with a steady increase in the number of customers who place their trust in them and leave their cars in good hands, in the hands of Croniqué Esport.